Myrkur – M

PromoImage (58) After Myrkur put out her first album, people who heard it were absolutely ecstatic to hear what else this one-woman band could whip up for a sophomore release. And what she has created is something that will not be forgotten any time soon by fans of Myrkur itself, black metal, or both. Her new upcoming album, simply titled “M” (drops August 21st), is a beautifully elegant 12-track album that is brutal, entrancing, and as hauntingly exquisite as atmospheric black metal gets. Each track off of “M” has their own strengths that have a flawless mix of vocals that range from very smooth and soothing to a more “traditional” black metal style with a very violent intensity added for emphasis (worked very well), guitars that knew when to pull back and really draw the listener in before absolutely smashing your ear drums to death, and drums that held the pace between the atmospheric times and the blistering brutality of what’s remaining. There are additional instruments added with this being atmospheric black metal, of course, but of all that are included in “M” my absolute favorite has to be the piano which is all of what the final track, “Norn”, consists of without any sort of vocals, and it works amazingly well as it sums up all of the album in its magnificence while maintaining its beauty. “M” might as well stand for “magnificence” because that’s what Myrkur has done with this album. She has paved the way as she takes her place as one of the most identifiable and noteworthy atmospheric black metal bands in the entire world for multiple reasons. “M” takes up about 213 of those reasons at least as it is Myrkur’s crowning moment of elegance mixed with brutality in such a way that black metal has never seen before.


LISTEN to 4 songs off of “M” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Myrkur on Facebook here.

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