Cities of the Plain – Salt

a0879932721_10 Instrumental bands have always peaked my interest as they can manage to create an interesting feel and flow while also lacking lyrics which is usually what helps bring everything together and sound better, and Cities of the Plain is one such band. This guy has put out 2 albums previous to his newest, “Salt”, and they were fantastic, and he continues that chain with this being my personal favorite of all his albums by far. “Salt” is a mere 20 minutes long with 5 tracks, but it literally does and is so much more than what so many other bands can never bring to fruition in even double that time. Just by looking at the track listing you can see that “Salt” is one whole story that intertwines one song with the next and the previous, and that is what helps this album really flow and not seem “mechanical”. Quite the opposite actually as this is a very organic album to say in the least. The guitars varied from heavy and kinda fast to a more slower paced and calmer tone that really made the song become much more atmospheric before especially when the drums would cut in with a strong beat that is irresistible. For me, the whole album is irresistible as it gets my two thumbs up sky high as I cannot point out a single thing wrong with “Salt”. It’s not perfect in my eyes or to my ears, but it is without a doubt an amazing album that has to be heard to believe.


LISTEN to “Salt” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cities of the Plain on Facebook here.


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