Malum Sky (self-titled)

a0739083617_10 Progressive metal has its moments without a doubt with this genre having literally dozens upon dozens of possibilities being newly made with each new progressive metal band, and Malum Sky is no different. Their debut self-titled album is probably the “softest” progressive album that I’ve ever heard, but it still retains its title of being metal with the guitars periodically being heavy amongst the steady beat of the guitars and the vocals which are smooth for the entire album. I wasn’t too keen on the vocals at first, the smoothness of them I didn’t mind, I just wasn’t expecting them so it took a little bit for them to sink in for me. But I eventually got over it as this 4-track album went on, and I can’t say I loved it I can say that it was definitely good as a debut with Malum Sky really setting the tone for their style. And their style, like I said, is much smoother and softer than the vast majority of progressive metal I’ve heard before, but Malum Sky makes it work and I wouldn’t be surprised if they refine it and make it better by the time that they make their next album whenever that will be. Now that is something that I’d be all over.


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