Black Cat Bones – False Promises & Wasted Time

ee8oqrHw If there was ever a single band to prove that hard rock is still alive and well, it’s Black Cat Bones whose debut album, “False Promises & Wasted Time”, shows that the hard rock scene of the world still has plenty of talent that isn’t ready to stop playing just yet. Black Cat Bones’ album has a real classic hard rock feel and pace to it that persists through all five tracks that are done very, very well as it is just the thing you’d expect to hear from a band wanting to have their music heard. And goddamn it have they got the attention of anyone who’s been able to listen to their album, mine included. “False Promises & Wasted Time” has got smooth vocals that are amplified by guitars and a bass that have a great texture to all of them that I can only applaud how good they are, and the pacing, sound, and tempo of the drums are very spot on with a great rhythm that goes through each song triumphantly. This is a very solid album by any measure, and the fact that this is the band’s debut is even more astonishing. Black Cat Bones have started down a really good path that can only lead to more good things as they continue to prove that hard rock is not dead and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.


LISTEN to “False Promises & Wasted Time” on SoundCloud here.

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