Shadows of Violence – Rise

QRJJu8R8GYVloSJl3HDG1geYgC73Dn2KGU3ICIAAlRw Sometimes “heavy metal” is the only term that you can use to describe a band whose music doesn’t belong in any one genre that you can think of. Shadows of Violence is one such band with their upcoming album “Rise” being one of those albums that I can only call heavy metal, and it’s good heavy metal at that. Each song are solid and crunchy tracks that are just what the metal witch doctor ordered as there has been a lack of metal with a real crunch to it that holds promise and literally sounds like it should be played in a garage, which is a good thing. Not a lot of bands sound like they’ve had humble beginnings in some dudes garage and went up from there which is what Shadows of Violence sounds like. The gritty vocals, heavy guitars, bass that makes a motor boat sound like a bitch, and drums that have a killer beat all come together to create a nice EP that shows this British band is only just getting started their reign of heavy metal.


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