Despite – Praedonum (single)

11755704_10155901428460128_4813352925409797482_n Despite is one of those bands for me that no matter they pump out, I manage to love it. Their last EP, “Epic”, was fucking amazing and so was their last single, “Chaos Trigger”. Now this 6-man, 8-stringed melodic death metal band has done it again with their brand new song “Praedonum”. Tackling the issue of children who have been abused and kidnapped are captured within the powerful lyrics as they tell how the disgusting people who commit such crimes will pay for their hellish deeds and then some. The vocals for this song are slightly different from Despite’s previous work but they are still without a doubt an absolute smack to the fucking face along with the intense and melodic guitars that never disappoint for the entire song. The drums have such a great beat to them as well that it isn’t hard to believe that Despite really poured their heart and souls into this track as they wanted to really bring out the best in themselves with this single. “Praedonum” isn’t my favorite song by Despite, but it is without a doubt worthy of a band of this caliber that knows exactly what the fuck they’re doing and how to do it flawlessly over and over again. Whether it be a third stand alone single that Despite does next, or an EP, or a full length album, I can guarantee you that it will kick as much ass (if not more!) as any of their previous work before that.

Side note: if you purchase “Praedonum” for just $1 here before November 1st a portion of the revenue for each single sold will go to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

LISTEN to “Praedonum” via YouTube below.

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