Carnivora – The Vision

a3669234511_10 In my time of exploring melodic death metal and it’s various bands, I’ve not found a whole lot of bands of the genre that are based here in the USA and sound good while they’re at it. It’s just one of those genres that’s more centered in places like Sweden and other European countries. But Carnivora is without a doubt the first American melodic death band that I can honestly say do a realy good job at what they do. They’re new album, “The Vision”, isn’t the perfect melodic death album that I’ve heard before but it is more than deserving of my approval as Carnivora has created an album with a style that I have not seen before from such a small band. The only part that I found unsavory was the vocals. I don’t like those particular kind of vocals as I think they get old real quick, and there was no variety whatsoever throughout “The Vision”. I quickly got over it, though, as everything else was as good as it could have been with the guitars being intense and the drums having a perfect rhythm that really brought out the “melodic” in melodic death metal. This was also a sort of fast album that I probably will have to settle on groove metal-esque as I don’t think it was nowhere near fast enough to be considered thrash, but there’s not wrong with that. I thought the whole album had a very nice pace and felt as good as it could have. Overall, I’m not crazy over “The Vision” but it definitely was an interesting album that should be checked out by any fan of melodic death who are looking for a small band that are slowly making a name for themselves.


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