Countless Skies – Solace (single)

a1916157587_10 I remember hearing Countless Skies’ debut self-titled album and being absolutely blown the fuck away as this band was as melodic as melodic death metal gets. And I loved it! They only had 4 tracks to their name, but now they add their fifth, “Solace”, from their upcoming and currently unnamed full length album that is due later this year. When I saw that they released “Solace” (which was but hours ago at this time) I immediately went to go check out this song because I was extremely excited to see what else Countless Skies could come up with, and holy shit was I not disappointed! “Solace” is similar and yet different to their debut album as this single keeps their signature melody paired with the deep growls of the vocalist that I will never be able to get over how good they are. What’s different however is the guitars. They go between acoustic and their normal melodic and heavy selves as this 5 minute song is made absolutely perfect as their sound is amplified by the flawless pace and beat of the drums. The vocals also vary from the deep growls that I mentioned while also having a much more smooth vocals that chant along fantastically. If this is the kind of shit we’re gonna see off of their upcoming album, which of course it is, then I cannot wait to see what Countless Skies has cooked up because I cannot wait to see what other melodic death they can dash out because they know exactly what the fuck they are doing. What they’re doing is some of the best, if not the best, melodic death that the UK has yet to whip up, and they are only just getting started.


LISTEN to “Solace” on Bandcamp here.

LISTEN to the first track off of Countless Skies’ debut album, “Ethereal”, via YouTube below.

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FOLLOW Countless Skies on Twitter : @Countless_Skies


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