Jarun – Pod Niebem Utkanym z Popiołu

a0136408215_10 Before I even begin to go anywhere with this review, let me just clear up that the title is Polish for “under the sky woven from ash”. I gotta say, badass name, but I digress. This is only Jarun’s second album, but I can already tell that just by listening to this 50+ minute album that they have got their own unique sound down tight. “Pod Niebem Utkanym z Popiołu” (not expecting you to know how to pronounce that) consists of mostly black metal but while also elements of folk and progressive metal at the same time, so for the sake of not wasting breath let’s call it progressive black metal. And it’s good progressive black metal at that with the scratchy vocals coming together with the flowing and complex guitars that I cannot help but say were solid in the least, and naturally the same goes for the drums. This wasn’t an amazing album though for me as it didn’t grab my attention all that much and I wasn’t able to really be hooked in. I had to make myself pay attention, but when I did I found everything else to be positive so don’t let that drag down you down if you’re thinking about listening to “Pod Niebem Utkanym z Popiołu”. I recommend this album either way.


LISTEN to “Pod Niebem Utkanym z Popiołu” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Jarun on Facebook here.


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