Blackened Death Records Presents: Hammer Smashed Faith

a1395539948_10 If there was ever a compilation from a newly formed record company that really knows the underground scene then Blackened Death Records is that company. Also a reference to Cannibal Corpse’s most famous song can never hurt, and it works really well in the situation. There are 13 bands in total whose genre ranges from death metal to neofolk to thrash metal to black metal. Basically, Blackened Death Records found some quality underground bands, chose what I assume to be the best songs that they had to offer, and then put the together into one solid and intense compilation. Each song is its own trip and they fully embrace their genres to the point where within 20 seconds of each track I was able to identify the genres of most of the songs. They also have a strange flow as one song goes into the next as no genre is repeated twice in a row (that I could detect, at least). And I obviously haven;t heard the vast majority of bands off of this compilation so each song provided me with a nice intro into plenty of different bands that I may check out later. “Hammer Smashed Faith” is a really nice compilation for underground extreme metal bands that shows that Blackened Death Records know the underground a fair bit and know the talent of it. I’d be very interested to see what kinds of bands they sign and compilations they create in the future.

LISTEN to “Hammer Smashed Faith” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Blackened Death Records on Facebook here.


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