Lamb of God – VII: Sturm und Drang

lamb-of-god-VII-sturm-und-drang-album-cover-front-e1433820524244 I’ll be completely honest – I’ve never heard a Lamb of God album in full. I figured that “VII: Sturm und Drang” would be as good as any album to start on and I have to admit that I was not disappointed. This album was pretty vicious with Randy Blythe really doing an amazing job with the vocals which were absolutely top notch to say in the least as they were intense and had a great flow throughout the entire album. The only exception of where the intensity goes away is in the track “Overlord” where there is the most perfect calm point that Lamb of God could have ever made as it was just what this album needed to really make it well rounded and fully fleshed out to its greatest potential. The guitars and drums were also on point to where I’ve no doubt in my mind that any sort of Lamb of God fan who listens to this album will not be disappointed as I, someone who has never listened to one of their albums before, cannot help but applause. A great album from a band that put all their heart and soul into it and it is completely amazing because of that.


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