Dalkhu – Descend… Into Nothingness

0f8ab862-2f17-47ae-a8b1-20a32cc22fa9 It is simply amazing when just two people come together to make something that even 4 or 5 people can’t even when given all the time in the world to do so. Dalkhu is a very interesting and dynamic duet whose second album, “Descend… Into Nothingness”, is a stroke of blackened death metal genius that I’ve never heard from a two man band before in my life. As you might have already guessed from that cover art, this album is raw, brutal, and holds nothing back as there is nothing keeping Dalkhu in one place as their music is chaos incarnate and laced with pure destruction. The vocals in “Descend… Into Nothingness” are so low that I had no hope whatsoever of even beginning to understand what the fuck they were saying, but I didn’t care because they were so brutal and guttural that it worked amazingly well with the guitars and drums which absolutely went for it as they were fast and hardcore in everything single way. This album was made for those of you out there who like blackened death as raw as it comes because that’s exactly what Dalkhu has done and it is a magnificent piece to say in the least. After listening to “Descend… Into Nothingness” I can guarantee that the only thing you’ll be descending into is madness because you’ll want to press that replay button as fast as you can when this album drops August 15th.


LISTEN to Dalkhu’s previous album “Imperator” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dalkhu on Facebook here.


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