Corpse Garden – Entheogen

a0671346027_10 There is nothing wrong with going back to the roots of something and trying to make your own take on it. That is exactly what Corpse Garden is doing with their death metal. They are clearly hearkening back to the early days of death metal with their new album, “Entheogen”, as it is a very raw and brutal piece that fans of this genre should be all over because it is a surprising hour long album that will not disappoint. Everything from the cover art to the guttural vocals to the fact that this shit is raw beyond comprehension is what makes this album so great as it can easy pass as a landmark death metal album from say the 80s or 90s; the “golden days” of death metal. The vocals are absolutely intense alongside the guitars that are brutal, fast, and just about everything you could ever want from straight death metal with the drums bringing chaos and madness in the best ways possible. There are even small interludes of just a few minutes that really set an ominous and unnerving feel that leads directly into the next track that is flawlessly brutal and intense in such a way that it uses those interludes to prepare you for what you are about to hear, and that is magnificence. If you’re looking for an album that is not nice, it is not kind, it is brutal, it is relentless, and it will peel your fucking skin off. “Entheogen” is the album for death metal fans looking for something that doesn’t hold back anything at all.


LISTEN to “Entheogen” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Corpse Garden on Facebook here.


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