Interview with Seven7’s Nicholas Meier (lead guitarist)


1. “The Follower” had bits and pieces of famous classical pieces in it that would later build up to the actual metal, what inspired you guys to implement that into your music?

Well we all love classical music and on each of our albums we took a part of a famous classical piece and turned it heavy. On our first album Try Something Different we used part of the Bolero from Ravel and made a song called “Scream of the Bolero”. On our second album Under Eye we used part of “Aase’s Death” from Edward Grieg “Peer Gynt”, and on The Follower we used part of “Carmina Burana” from Carl Orff. Such powerful composers!!!

2. I’m sure you know that progressive metal goes every which way with their style, but the biggest thing that I noticed with you guys was that the vocals weren’t “heavy” as you would call them. They were more smooth and all that. Would you ever consider making any future albums where the vocals, and maybe even the guitars and drums, are heavier and the album all around more brutal?

Yes we do not know how the next album will sound. I guess with our three albums we’re slowly getting our own sound, writing etc. But you never know what we’ll add next: faster, slower, heavier, softer… it’s the great part of writing a new record.

3. If you could choose any sort of guitar style that you would love to put on the next album (more acoustic, more riffs, less riffs, shit like that) what would you choose to put on there?

Same thing, it’s only when we’ll be writing the next album that we will decide what we need more or less. I felt that our 3rd album The Follower is the most complete in terms of guitar playing: solos, riffs, heavy, some acoustics, some fretless, melodies, crazy parts…

4. Many bands try to send a message through their albums, and while I couldn’t find any sort of one in The Follower, would you mind telling us if there is one in there? It’d be really cool to know if there was a meaning behind the album which is what makes or breaks and album for me in terms of the deep thought that went into its creation.

Our singer Dave needs to reply to this one, but the song “The Follower” is about sects… crazy leaders and blind followers. It’s about a cult, any cult. A man who joins the cult and he can’t leave. If you listen carefully to the samples in the middle section of “The Follower”, one of the samples is Charles Manson. He tells you to do something and you have to do it, if not he is going to do it for you. Each song has different subjects which are quite dark: “Free” is about a man who gets accused wrongly and stays in prison, but finally escapes; “Fall” is about a plane crash and 2 men surviving; “Business” is about selling drugs; “Magic Box” is a box of Hell.

5. One final question, what exactly is that cover art supposed to be for The Follower? To me it looks like some sort of wispy grim reaper made out of smoke. It looks awesome don’t get me wrong, but I’d just love to know what it really is, haha.

The beautiful artwork can be turned in different directions: it’s a man carrying an angel, and if you turn it, it can be the angel carrying the man. The angel can be a dark angel or just an angel, and same with the man…

Thanks again for taking the time to answering my questions. I really appreciate it and I’m sure that your next album will be as solid as The Follower whenever it comes out. Thanks again, and until next time, have a nice day!

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