Hybrid Nightmares – The Third Age

a0452634488_10 While I can’t say that this is my favorite album that Hybrid Nightmares have put out, I can say that they have not lost a lick of badassery. Their new album, “The Third Age”, is the third part of the four part and so far acclaimed Ages series that this band have been creating so far this year, and I can vouch for the band in saying that this album is fucking awesome and a more than worthy addition to this series. “The Third Age” is without a doubt Hybrid Nightmares’ most brutal album to date and breaks new ground with their music as each song is more technical than any I’ve ever heard from this band. There is even a 9 minute track that is badass to say in the least with the vocals becoming so much more harsh and intense to the point where you can feel the pain of that poor bastard on the cover. The guitars were faster, the drums had a heavier beat, and combined with the vocals they all create a very dark and destructive mind set that is chaotic, violent, and motherfucking awesome! “The Third Age” is the most unique album from Hybrid Nightmares without a doubt and is perfect for any fan of aggressive progressive metal that does not hold back at all while still keeping everything kick ass. Whenever the finale of the Ages series, that would be “The Fourth Age”, I’ve no doubt in my mind that it will be fucking amazing to be sure. I will bet money on that.


LISTEN to “The Third Age” on Bandcamp here.

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