The Last – Wars of Solitude (Transitions Pt. 3)

a3036562598_10 Sometimes it’s very hard for me to clearly and confidently place an album in any sort of genre as it transcends several and combines them, and that exactly what The Last’s new album has done. “Wars of Solitude” to me combines some electronic elements, rock, and metal. Although there aren’t as much of it there is without a doubt some electronic bits that were there but weren’t overpowering in any sort of way. The metal part comes in with the vocals that combine with the guitars and drums that are primarily rock throughout all three tracks which gave “Wars of Solitude” a nice texture and sound that you don’t really hear a lot anymore because everybody is trying to stick to either just rock or just metal and never really thinking of combining to two for a next combo like this one. And while I cannot say I love this album, “Wars of Solitude” has definitely broken new ground for me without a doubt and I’m sure that The Last will continue to do so for anyone else who hasn’t heard this one man band before, which I know is most of you. If there will be a part four to this “Transitions” series then I can say that I’d be keen to check that out and see how The Last has changed or refined its sound.


LISTEN to “Wars of Solitude” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW The Last on Twitter : @thelastishere


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