Cradle of Filth – Hammer of the Witches

11159973_10152846360944077_2146322611780679125_n Eleven albums is more than enough albums to really create different sounds that a band wants to experiment with and I know for a fact that Cradle of Filth is no exceptional as their first ten albums varied, but not a whole lot, to where no album repeated the same sound and feel twice and the same exact thing goes for their brand new album, “Hammer of the Witches”. While I can’t say that this is my favorite album that Cradle of Filth has put out, I can say that I enjoyed this for what is was and all that it had to offer. All 65+ minutes of it (bonus tracks included). The vocals were intensely awesome as they crushed every song that was over 5 minutes long which is pretty much every track, and the pairing of the guitars and drums created a real fast paced sound that fans of this band will not be disappointed with as I wasn’t. There was also a real ominous feel and texture to “Hammer of the Witches” that just made this album feel a lot more fleshed out and whole than if that feel wasn’t there. It really helped make this album what it is as it filled in the hollow void that would’ve been there otherwise. Overall I have to say that “Hammer of the Witches” isn’t the best that we’ve seen of Cradle of Filth, but it is definitely an album worthy of being part of their collection as it kicks ass no matter who says what.


WATCH the music video for “Right Wing of the Garden Triptych” via YouTube below.

LISTEN to “Hammer of the Witches” on Spotify here.

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