Korpiklaani – Noita

1M_irIiL Korpiklaani is without a doubt the undisputed kings of folk metal bands that play about beer. Very deep, meaningful beer. Anyways, I saw that they released “Noita” and immediately hopped onto this album because this is the band that first got me into folk metal so it never hurts to return to your roots and check out what’s gone on. “Noita” is a very solid album for its genre but it didn’t really feel like folk metal until the fourth track. For whatever reason, the first three just didn’t feel folk metal-y albeit they were nice they just weren’t impressive to me. But the vocals still had their very solid hypnotic chanting to them that made this feel like a group of travelers in the “olden days” would sing in the damn woods; it’s very fitting for folk metal.  The guitars and drums mixed extremely well with the other extra instruments that is expected from Korpiklaani as they create a very rhythmic and entrancing feel to it that fans of this band know all too well. Overall, this 50 minute piece isn’t exactly my favorite piece of folk metal, it is without a doubt applause worthy and deserves to be checked out by any sort of fan of the genre, the band, or looking for a good introduction to folk metal. Definitely a good album for the last one.


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