Children of Bodom – Morrigan (single)

10924693_10153059764708737_5028339194325716590_n I’m sure anyone reading this knows who Children of Bodom is so I’m not gonna waste your time by explaining their style of melodic death to you as you just want to know what their new single, “Morrigan”, sounds like. Well it sounds fucking awesome. I liked their previous album “Halo of Blood” but I didn’t love it like many people did, but the style was very intruiging to me and with this new song I can tell that “I Worship Chaos” will be a whole different beast altogether. The beginning of this track starts off very melodic and even reminded me a little of power metal ever so vaguely with its sound and feel, but that is immediately dashed away when those death metal guitars burst through and you get a smack in the face with the drums. Once those familiar vocals come roaring in is when you know that this is a powerful track from a very solid band as the vocals just tear everything up and mold the shreds into something fantastic. “Morrigan” does nothing but excite me for the release of “I Worship Chaos” because this track gives me hope that it will be the same band, but they have decided to give their melodic death a very nice twist to it that I personally felt was lacking in “Halo of Blood”, but that’s behind us now. I can guarantee you that when this album drops on October 2nd that I will be all over it because of how excited I am for it.


LISTEN to “Morrigan” via YouTube below.

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