Human Desolation – Mind Grind Paradigm

MindGrindParadigm The metal scene of Stockholm, Sweden sure has got its shit together because it has been the birthplace of countless great bands and the first one that comes to mind for me is Despite, but now another band has been added to that very good list and that band is Human Desolation with their upcoming melodic death album “Mind Grind Paradigm”. This album has got all you could need out of this genre unless you love the really deep vocals which are not on this album, they’re more of a straight scream if you know what I mean by that. They were on point for the whole album (minus a few instrumental tracks) as they conveyed several good lyrical pieces that I just cannot get over how well done they are. Then the guitars were rhythmic as you would expect, and brutal as you would also expect with Human Desolation being melodic death metal, and the same goes for the guitars. But just because they sound as you would expect, each instrument has their own unique touch as the bass and guitars absolutely shred up while a solo is going on and a sick groove is being put down to vibrate the shit out of your ears. The beat of the drums are also applause worthy as they constantly keep a fast paced beat going that this album would’ve felt empty without. “Mind Grind Paradigm” was a amazingly solid album that I would suggest to any fan of melodic death as Human Desolation brings a little fresh air to the genre without straying too far from what us fans know and love, and you can bathe in this album’s greatness when it drops on the 11th of September.


LISTEN to Human Desolation’s previous EP, “Realm of Silence”, via Spotify here.

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