Sideburn – Evil or Divine

10406997_889627407725728_6293224061477603919_n We all know of one band who we consider to be a “radio band” where all the songs off of that band’s albums are made exclusively so that they get on the radio only to make money regardless of overall meaning of a song, whether or not it has a point to existing, blah, blah, blah. Well Sideburn isn’t like that, but the sheer sound quality and how catchy their new album “Evil or Divine” is in its entirety. With a run time of 44 minutes with only 7 tracks to it, “Evil or Divine” is a very solid piece of progressive rock that I urge any sort of rock fan to check out simply because it will sound very good to your ears and make you wonder just why in the fuck these guys aren’t all over the radio already. Each song has is very catchy with its very smooth vocals that just absolutely hypnotic, guitars that have an excellent sound and sense of rhythm, and the pace of the drums is so spot of that I couldn’t resist tapping my foot to the beat. The feel of “Evil or Divine” is also such that I would have no problem listening to this in almost any situation as I find this album that enjoyable, and I imagine many other rock fans would too as Sideburn has some of the exact stuff that you are looking for out of an album. Radio band or no, Sideburn has got the sound and they know how to make it flawlessly.


LISTEN to “Evil or Divine” on Spotify here.

LIKE Sideburn on Facebook here.

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