Speedwhore – The Future Is Now

a1335479382_10 Thrash has been around since the very beginning of when metal first developed its first sub-genres which means that it has been subject to an infinite number of fans who wanted to take their own unique style, and Speedwhore is no different if you can’t tell from their name. Their new album, “The Future Is Now”, borders on being speed metal but it just manages to stay within the territory of normal thrash with the speed of the guitars being impressively fast but not quite fast enough. The beginning track is also a lot slower than what you’d expect from a thrash album, but it works extremely well as an intro as it sets the tone for the whole 12-track album that has vicious vocals that tear up the ears as the drums provide a solid beat for the guitars which I already talked out. I can’t say that “The Future Is Now” is the perfect thrash album by any means, I can tell that Speedwhore can definitely make the improvements that they need in order to create an even better album that will certainly be applause worthy to anyone who loves a good thrash album. We only have to wait.


LISTEN to “The Future Is Now” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Speedwhore on Facebook here.


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