Year of the Goat – The Unspeakable

PromoImage (55) I remember the first thing that I thought when seeing the band name was “Satan! Satan! Satan!”, then upon seeing the cover it was more of “…Satan?…”, and after hearing a few tracks it became that I couldn’t detect any sign of Satan as far as I could tell with Year of the Goat’s upcoming album “The Unspeakable”. This was a surprising album because I expected it to be a heavy record with vocals that I couldn’t begin to understand, but this album takes more of a rock sound to it with the guitars having an awesome groove to them that put together with the steady, rhythmic beat of the drums they make an incredible feel that was smooth but rough around the edges, if you can understand that. What amazed me most was the smoothness of the vocals which is what I least expected from a band named Year of the Goat, and they work so well! All nine tracks flow so well together and have an upbeat pace that I would never have seen coming no matter what the circumstances beforehand were. Everything was just so unexpected that it blew me away after hearing how simply great this entire album is and I’ve no doubt that if you can get past the cover and band name (if you have a problem with them, that is) then you’re in for a fantastic album that will blow away both rock fans and metal fans who aren’t too stubborn to listen to “The Unspeakable” when it comes out July 31st.


LISTEN to the track “The Emma” via YouTube below.

BUY “The Unspeakable” via iTunes here.

LIKE Year of the Goat on Facebook here.

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