Killing Gandhi – Cinematic Parrallels

PromoImage (54) I’ve heard of band taking interludes at certain points throughout an album to provide some sort of insight into what the next track or few will sound like, but I’ve never heard of a band that does “trailers” which is basically an interlude but there’s no music. There’s just the sound of what seems to be a movie trailer and that prepares you for the brutal melodic death metal that Killing Gandhi gives to us in a solid 16-track album, five of which are those trailers. Every track off of “Cinematic Parallels” that actually is music has a great catchy tune to it that just hooks you in with its rhythm and the variety of vocals that come screaming in and out. The guitars are by far not as heavy as other death metal like, say, Cannibal Corpse, but they are just brutal enough to make anyone familiar with death metal being able to find the guitars enjoyable with the drums that have a killer beat. And with each track being its own little experience that literally feels like its own cinematic experience, Killing Gandhi have created a death metal album that is truly a well done album that is definitely a breath of fresh air with the unique style of “Cinematic Parallels” that is much more different than your everyday melodic death metal album.


WATCH the official music video for “0100101101000111” off of the album via YouTube below.

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