Vanum – Realm of Sacrifice

a3882185939_10 Holy sweet mother of fucking God! I remember yesterday how I said that Hope Drone’s “Cloak of Ash” was one of the most impressive atmospheric black metal albums I’ve heard, and now I’m here to say that again but with Vanum’s album of the same genre, “Realm of Sacrifice”. Every single aspect of this album is precisely what the essence of atmospheric black metal is supposed to sound like with all 4 tracks (each are 8+ minutes) emitting the most ominous, creepy, and unnerving feel that I’ve ever heard come out of an album like this. After all that would leave the spotlight then the guitars immediately came in with notes that were transcending to say in the least that when they were molded with the screeching vocals, which sounded like they were lost in the void, and the drums, whose beat is ideal for any black metal, it created a sound that is exactly what any sort of atmospheric fan, black metal fan, or fans of both could want. And whether or not your like atmospheric elements or not, the “real” black metal of “Realm of Sacrifice” is spot on down to the fucking lyrics with how raw and haunting they are in every single track. Vanum have created a truly great atmospheric black metal album that no one should miss because this albums is a journey that must be taken, and after it has concluded you’ll want to hit that replay button to go through it all once again.


LISTEN to “Realm of Sacrifice” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vanum on Facebook here.


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