Hope Drone – Cloak of Ash

PromoImage (53) As a strike of absolute brilliance that I did not see coming, Hope Drone’s upcoming album “Cloak of Ash” is a 7-track piece of atmospheric black metal mixed with sludge metal that fans will be completely blown the fuck away. That’s how I was after just the first track which over 20 goddamn minutes long, and an interesting 20 at that. Every other track was 9 to 10 minutes long which is one of the things that atmospheric black metal is known for along with being atmospheric, of course. Each track off of “Cloak of Ash” is a roller coaster of complexity that was done extremely well done to the point of this being a fabulous album both in terms of the sound alone and the depth of the lyrics. The sheer unique style of Hope Drone’s newest album is shown through the cover art, the music, and the dark feel that persists for all of “Cloak of Ash” and is what makes this album an absolute must for any fans of the genre when this drops on July 24th. If you think you’ve missed out a lot of atmospheric black metal albums this year and really want something to satisfy that need, Hope Drone has got the exact album for you with over an hour long run time and the greatness that deserves a thousand thumbs up.


LISTEN to the track “Every End is Fated In Its Beginning” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Hope Drone on Facebook here.


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