Myrkur – Onde Børn (single)

10857773_401666840021026_8983571176193974273_n I remember listening to Myrkur’s debut album and giving it a fair applause as I liked its style of black metal that went in and out of being atmospheric black metal and just normal black metal. Now we’re back with the one-woman band’s newest single “Onde Børn” which while I thought was overall well done, it was not on the same scale of grandeur of Myrkur’s debut. The vocals were absolutely beautiful and haunting at the same time which made them perfect for the guitars and drums which were what really brought the black metal. Mixed together they made a very ominous tone and feel that persists all the way to the end which was the most spine chilling portion that was completely dark toned and really made you wonder what the fuck was about to happen, but then the track just ended. This is only the 3rd track on the upcoming record, “M”, so chances are that that feeling will flow right into the next track as part of the song itself or merely just set up. Either way is acceptable in my opinion. The only real complaint I have for “Onde Børn” is that it didn’t really have any sort of climax, but that doesn’t ruin the song in any way. I just prefer climaxes in songs, but that’s besides the point. “Onde Børn” is a solid glimpse as to what “M” will be like and as a black metal fan I’m pretty excited to see what’ll happen in this record.


LISTEN to “Onde Børn” on Bandcamp here.

WATCH the music video for “Onde Børn” via YouTube below.

LIKE Myrkur on Facebook here.


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