Double Chamber – SoBo

a1746163692_10 Taking a genre like hardcore and then mixing it with something like metalcore is a difficult task to say in the least. Double Chamber have the balls to accept that challenge though, and the result is their new album “SoBo”. It’s far from perfect in my eyes and to my ears, but this album isn’t bad by any standards of mine. In my eyes this album is more hardcore than metalcore, but that doesn’t make a real difference as I still think that “SoBo” is a very solid album that fans of any sort of in-your-face music that does not let up in any sort of way. The vocals are very intense alongside the guitars that mean business with their crunchy style and the constant beat of the drums that are chaotic to say in the least. “SoBo” holds nothing back and that is exactly the type of music that should come from a hardcore band. It’s still gotta have form and a tad of melody, though, and Double Chamber does that very well with this album. If I were to guess then I’d say that their next album could only be improvement as this is only their second album they’ve released.


LISTEN to “SoBo” on Bandcamp here.

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