Elder – Lore

a2700833321_10 Sometimes a change in pace is nice, and today a change has come to my ears. I’ve been introduced to my fair share of psychedelic rock in recent months with plenty of good acts like My Sleeping Karma and Black Space Riders blessing my ears, but now Elder has shaken things up a little bit for me and made the psych more heavy and filled it with crunchy riffs while they were at it. “Lore” has 5 albums, making the album almost an hour long, and they all had an old timey sound that just sounded really good to me as I’ve never heard that sort of sound mixed with heavy psych before. Worked out really well, much to my surprise. The vocals were by far the most psychedelic thing as they really brought the feel that you’d expect from a psych album, and the guitars brought the awesome riffs that really brought out the heavy part of “Lore” along with the drums with their solid beat that this album cannot be without unless it wants to lose its form and composition that was quality to say in the least. Overall, “Lore” is a nice piece of heavy psych that I would highly recommend to any fan of the genre because Elder has made a very nice piece that will not be soon forgotten by anyone who enjoys the album as I did.


LISTEN to “Lore” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Elder on Facebook here.

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