Bell Witch – Four Phantoms

a2141058069_10 First off, that album cover is fucking awesome in every single way. Second off, the doom metal in “Four Phantoms” is even more astonishing and interesting that the cover art. With a run time of over an hour long, Bell Witch has created a doom album that is pure 100% doom metal done in the most correct way that you could fathom. There’s only 4 tracks on the album too, so just imagine the lengths of the individual tracks themselves. If you’re any sort of doom fan then that must have your interest peaked right now for all the right reasons. All I can say is that when I saw their run times I said “Holy shit fuck!” because I couldn’t believe it, and when they ended I said “Goddamn!” because they were so awesome. Absolutely every single moment of “Four Phantoms” is a crushing experience that is without a doubt the result of true doom fans taking hours upon days upon months of practicing to create one of the most perfect sounds and feel for this genre. The vocals were brutal, the guitars heavy as they could ever be and staying true to the traditional pace of doom metal, and drums that add a monstrous beat and rhythm that carries on for the entirety of this mammoth album. If you are even a fleeting doom metal fan, you have to check out “Four Phantoms” if it’s the last fucking album you ever listen to because Bell Witch are the unsung heroes of all doom metal. They’ve come to make their sound, and I have heard it, and now I’m hear to make you listen to it. So go do it, goddammit, because this album is an absolute masterpiece.

LISTEN to “Four Phantoms” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Bell Witch on Twitter : @BellWitchdoom


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