Trials – This Ruined World

PromoImage (51) Calling yourself a “modern metal” band usually has little meaning to me as that can mean ten thousand different things depending upon the band, but in the case of Trials and their upcoming third full-length release, “This Ruined World”, the term qualifies as some melodic death mixed with some technical element and a tad of thrash to spice it up a bit. The vocals however were far from the deep throat, guttural growls that you may be expecting. Instead, they were more “lighter” as they sounded like vocals from a hardcore band, but there’s no real point to me applying them to any one genre as they’re fucking awesome! They fit perfectly with the intense guitars that have a brutal melody and super rigid feel to them that give all 9 songs off of “This Ruined World” a really solid sound that was done very, very well. Of course I can’t leave out the drums whose badass beats went for the entirety of the album which obviously gave the whole thing a fast pace and awesome feel. All of “This Ruined World” is an excellent album that is constantly in your face at all times and doesn’t let up at all because it wants you to know that Trials is here, they’re not leaving any time soon, and that they are here to say whatever the fuck they want and our ears, or just mine, are wide open. This album is one that must not be missed and when it drops on July 24th I can guarantee that you will see what I mean when I say that Trials packs a punch and absolutely more with “This Ruined World”.


LISTEN to Trials’ latest EP “Don’t Believe the Word” which includes a song off of “This Ruined World” along with another track that is not on this album via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Trials on Facebook here.

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