My Dear Malice – Madness

a0808083123_10 I don’t mind deathcore, I really don’t, but sometimes I think it should just be called death metal with how it’s performed. To me, in order to be called a “-core” band you have to have the smooth and more melodic vocals alongside more brutally intense vocals. My Dear Malice did not have that on their latest album, “Madness”. I thought it was more death metal than anything with vocals I couldn’t even begin to fathom to understand with one set being very deep and brutal, and the other being that shrill sound that if you’ve heard it before you know what I’m talking about. But the genre doesn’t matter overall because “Madness” wasn’t a great album, but it was definitely a proof that My Dear Malice can make something really nice if the right circumstances came along. The vocals were all solid, the guitars were brutal and pounded along in a really well done way in all 5 tracks, and the beat of the drums was intense as you could want them to be which made the album heavier as you might imagine. What sounds like is missing from “Madness” though is a slight lack of originality. It’s an album whose sound that I’ve heard copied throughout multitudes of deathcore bands who are just doing the same sound and not doing anything new. Maybe bringing the bass up and more brutal, or even employing more guitar solos would work; I don’t know completely. But if they wanna keep doing their music like this then more power to them, I’m just speaking the truth. So if you’re a fan of deathcore, “Madness” is an album that you should check out if you want something familiar from a different band.


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