Ecstatic Vision – Sonic Praise

PromoImage (50) If someone were to have told me that there was a nice blend of a classic 70s sound mixed with groovy riffs that were chill but awesome at the same time, I would’ve been skeptical. Not out of the question, of course, it just doesn’t sound like it’d work to me. And yet hear I am after hearing such an album, a debut no less, that earns my two thumbs up with just 5 tracks on Ecstatic Vision’s “Sonic Praise”. Sometimes less is more and that is without a question true for this album because each track is a well done piece of psychedelic rock that absolutely grips your psyche, that’s if you’re willing to experience the whole ride which you should because it’s a very fun ride. All the songs stretch over 5 minutes long which gives Ecstatic Vision to really bring the sound they want and do it right as they made each note flow into another and weave each and every piece into one seamless and exciting track. The longest track, “Astral Plane”, is the strongest track by far with its variety and overall groove with the guitars and drums creating this wondrous sound and it’s an instrumental track. That doesn’t mean the vocals are lack luster, they were good! They really brought the 70s feel that I thought would’ve been missing if it weren’t for the vocals. “Sonic Praise” is the strongest psychedelic debut to have come out this year and probably the rest of the year with everything being so well done and the chips put in the exact spot that Ecstatic Vision wanted them to be in, and that is what made this album such a strong one and a memorable one at that.


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