Nightbreed (self-titled)

PromoImage (49) Thrash metal has always been an oddball with so many bands trying to add so many different versions of the same sound while adding their own spice. Several have infused thrash with death, black, power, and even folk metal to bring a little extra into the mix. Nightbreed, however, is just straight thrash bringing back the speed that was known to be brutal back in the 80s and such when thrash metal ruled over every single metal scene that there was to be had. Their self-titled debut isn’t the fastest thrash I’ve ever heard in my life but it wasn’t the slowest by far. This album was pretty raw as all 9 tracks were meant to leave you in the fucking dust when the next track starts playing. The guitars had a nice sound that were only matched by the violent drums and intense vocals that are only to be heard from a thrash album. Nightbreed haven’t made the perfect thrash piece, of course, but it’s definitely something that has to be experienced. They’ve without a doubt got more tricks up their sleeves for whenever they put out another album.


WATCH the music video for “Taste of Blood” of the album via YouTube below.

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