Got No Ego – Redemption

10428622_1096330357049964_6639170182509282842_n Sometimes a little brutality is all you need to make an album more than what it could be if it were just done normally. This goes for a lot of genres, including metalcore. Got No Ego’s newest EP “Redemption” has 4 total tracks that are literally as borderline to deathcore as it gets, but to me they just stay within range of normal metalcore with there not being enough brutality for me to call it deathcore. Each track isn’t the best metalcore that I’ve heard before, but it certainly has good quality that fans of the genre like myself can enjoy very easily. The vocals though were very well balanced between the deeper and brutal ones alongside the smoother vocals; the trademark aspect of the genre as you all know I imagine. The guitars were both intense and rhythmic paired with the solid beat of the drums that would not let up for the entirety of the album which is always good. Just the sound and feel of “Redemption” is well rounded to the point where fans of metalcore everywhere should be able to sync with this album relatively quick because this is a metalcore album 100% that I recommend for any fan to check out.


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WATCH the music video for the title track via YouTube below.

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