Rats of Reality – The Art of Debilitation

a0235895151_10 Never been a huge fan of neither punk nor any sort of crust, but I’m not afraid to dabble in it every once in a while. I’m sure you may have already guessed at what type of band Rats of Reality is and what genre their latest album is, so I’m just gonna skip over that. “The Art of Debilitation” is a very nice, nice meaning raw in this case, album that only has 4 tracks but with over 12 minutes between them. Three of them are only about 2 1/2 minutes so there’s the punk influencing the song length, but the finale is a 6 minute showcase of the band’s expertise with crust and it’s shown off pretty damn well with it being both raw and in your face the whole time. Really sounds like something you’d hear in an underground rave of metal-esque music at night. Everything about this album was primarily punk when it hit my ears at first but after a while I began to see the elements of crust in the songs and that gave “The Art of Debilitation” a little needed flavor that made the album better than what it would’ve been if it were just punk. Even though I have to say that I didn’t love this album, Rats of Reality have created an album that must be heard by any punk, maybe crust, fans because this has that feel and sound that fans of the genre should definitely check out for this might be what you’re looking for.


LISTEN to “The Art of Debilitation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Rats of Reality on Facebook here.


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