Disturbed – The Vengeful One (single)

disturbedvengefulsingle_0 What’s that? Disturbed has come back after 4 years of hiatus? I’ll take it! Yes, indeed, the purveyors of the power of “oh ah ah ah” have returned with their first album since “Asylum” which I still love with my entire heart. I’ve been a big fan of Disturbed as they’re one of the bands to first get me into metal, but I’m not saying they’re perfect as I cannot listen to many of the songs off of their album “Believe” for whatever reason. But the only thing they’ve brought from “Believe” today is the symbol which is now on this dude’s palm which I’m completely fine with, I really like it actually. The new single, “The Vengeful One”, off of their comeback “Immortalized” (out August 21st) is just what the fans wanted and Disturbed knew it, too, so they didn’t hold any back and this single shows that in all of its glory. The drums, the vocals, the guitars, and the motherfucking bass all came together once more to make a dynamic sound and feel that showed the exact message of the song and the power beyond the truth of the lyrics. The message behind “The Vengeful One” is basically the one for “Land of Confusion”, and if you don’t know what that is then I’m sure as fuck not gonna tell you. The riffs, too, oh my god. Applause worthy to say in the least in my opinion. Now I know some people who don’t like Disturbed are gonna say “they sound the exact same!” and while I don’t believe that, I’d rather them keep the sound that they love, know, and can do amazingly with (like AC/DC). If it ain’t broke don’t fucking try to point out its imperfections. And so far I can’t see any with “The Vengeful One” which means that it’s looking up for “Immortalized” which I might pre-order. Probably . . . Most likely. . . I’ll be pre-ordering the thing.


PRE-ORDER “Immortalized” via Disturbed’s official site here.

WATCH the music video for “The Vengeful One” via YouTube below or LISTEN to the track via Spotify here.

LIKE Disturbed on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Disturbed on Twitter : @Disturbed


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