Ravenscroft – Into the Dark (single)

889211614653.600x600-75 I still remember hearing Ravenscroft for the first time and applauding their melody that was done flawlessly for the entire album. Now they have returned with their latest single “Into the Dark” off of their album which doesn’t have a name as far as I know. This song is definite evidence that Ravenscroft still haven’t lost their melodic touch and have no plans to stray from that style or stop using it because they know how to do it so fucking well. “Into the Dark” has smooth vocals and metal guitars and drums that just captured the mind of anyone willing to listen to them, and that will likely lead to you enjoying every single moment out of them as I did. This song is essentially for people who like music like Disturbed: heavy guitars and all that but vocals that aren’t deep or guttural at all. Alternative metal if you maybe want to put it in any possible genre, but it doesn’t matter overall. Ravenscroft have definitely got something going for them with this single and it shows that they have something awesome cooking for whatever album this will be off of. I’m looking forward to the full album and so should you.


BUY “Into the Dark” on iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Into the Dark” via YouTube below.

LIKE Ravenscroft on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Ravenscroft on Twitter : @rcband2


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