Days May Come – Revolution/Revelation

a0180902692_10 Metalcore, deathcore, bullshit, whatever you wanna fucking call it, it has its moments whether you wanna be an elitist dick head or not. And yes, it can suck if it’s put in the wrong hands, but with the right people it can be the music that connects with you heart and makes you want more and more with it’s combination of intensity and smoothness at the same time. Days May Come is like the latter of the two. While I cannot see where they’re going with that cover art, their new album “Revolution/Revelation” is a nice piece of metalcore, deathcore even, that fans of the genre should enjoy quite a bit as I did. The vocals were just brutal and then switched right to a very smooth and much more calmer in the chorus, and the same exact thing goes for the guitars and drums which were done very well to say in the least. Five tracks is all this album has and it’s all it needs because all of them do a well enough job of bringing the sound that Days May Come wanted to bring and they brought that in the best way possible. It came in mostly fast paced but this band wasn’t afraid to slow things down just a bit to where it brought some much needed and welcome variety. “Revolution/Revelation” isn’t the perfect deathcore album in my opinion by far but it is definitely worth a listen to if you’re willing to hear this album because you will find at least one track that you will be able to find some enjoyment out of.


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