Goblin Rebirth (self-titled)

PromoImage (48) The term “atmospherically creepy” does not even begin to describe Goblin Rebirth’s debut. This instrumental band is a reincarnation of the another band named (guessed what) Goblin, but Goblin Rebirth only consists of two original members while everyone else fills in the blanks. Each track helps depicts a unique tale: the tale of an imaginary film about the birth of an evil dwarf-like monster that sits confidently next to the classic Goblin scores like “Suspiria”, “Profondo Rosso” and “Tenebre”. Only fans of the original Goblin will get those names but that’s besides the point. Every sound and effect of this album sends an absolute chill up the spine to make the most creepy and unsettling feel take over your entire mind, and that’s what makes “Goblin Rebirth” such an already timeless classic that will have fans of this sort of music drooling for more and more. Each track is formed and executed expertly to the point where the tale of the evil being is painted perfectly in such a dark light that is fucking insane how well done it is. Goblin Rebirth have surely only just begun and this album is surely just the tip of the iceberg with their talent and where they plan to take their music to.


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