Glowsun – Beyond the Wall of Time

PromoImage (47) That’s a funky looking album cover now isn’t it? Well, what else would you expect from a psychedelic rock band? Definitely something that fucks with your head that this does for me quite enough for me to get a headache if I stare at it for too long. And for whatever reason there have been a pop-up of psychedelic rock bands for me in recent weeks such as My Sleeping Karma and Black Space Riders, and much like My Sleeping Karma, Glowsun is completely instrumental. No words, lyrics, or mouth noises; nothin’. Just guitars, drums, and added effects like the ticking of a clock and a beating heart which honestly drove me fucking insane as that almost took up the first 2 minutes of the first track before any guitars even entered the mix. Overall though, this 9-track album had plenty of groove along with the ebb and flow that is essential to make any instrumental album sound amazing from start to finish. For me it’s an album that I could just listen to if I wanted some easy listening with the smooth sound feeling good to my ears. It’d be great if you were on a calm drive somewhere and you wanted something interested to listen to while not destroying your frigging ears at the same time. “Beyond the Wall of Time” gets a solid thumbs up from me because this album is extremely well done by any and all standards of psychedelic rock, instrumental rock, and just rock in general. Fans of Glowsun or just the genre itself will absolutely find plenty to enjoy out of this album because it’s done well and has enough excellence to pass around for everyone to enjoy when “Beyond the Wall of Time” comes out on June 26th.


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