Unleash the Archers – Time Stands Still

PromoImage (46) There have been more than enough hybrid genres that without a doubt capture the scope of the imagination that metal bands can take. Symphonic death metal being a perfect example for that. It’s different, unusual, unconventional, and without a doubt unheard of. Another weird combination of genres is power metal and melodic death metal. Both are melodic, one by name, so I can definitely see why someone thought to combine the two together. And today that someone is the Canadian group of Unleash the Archers who have combined both power metal and melodic death metal into an album that I can only describe as epic. Their new upcoming album “Time Stands Still” is 90% power metal, but the other 10% is very well done and well implemented death metal that blends flawlessly with the power metal of the rhythmic guitars that went from the bold, epic to brutal and intense only to go immediately back again in a second. The vocals are just the same with how they can go from smooth, flowing, and painting a world of adventure and fantasy that’s signature to power metal everywhere to making it so much more violent and bloody when they become so much more guttural where someone like myself who loves shit like that just soaks all of that up and enjoys ever bit of it. And did I mention that Unleash the Archers is female fronted? Well they are. Just the sound and feel of “Time Stands Still” alone is an amazing one and stays consistent throughout the entire album and makes it as unique as that cover art. When “Time Stands Still” drops on June 26th I expect their very loyal fan base and all melodic metal fans of all types to come and enjoy this wondrous album. Unleash the Archers have made an album that is without a single doubt worth checking out and any sort of fan of power metal will instantly fall in love with “Time Stands Still” by the end of the second track (since the first is instrumental).


WATCH the music video for the track “Tonight We Ride” from this album via YouTube below.

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