Morthus – Into Oblivion

a0825511719_10 The amount of new bands that have popped up in the last five years alone is staggering to say in the absolute least. And sometimes bands will think to add a little extra to spice things up a bit. With Morthus that little extra is making the blackened death a little melodic to bring some form into the mix and making it just a little bit more pleasing to people who can’t get enough of a good rhythm or beat out of their music. “Into Oblivion” brings the brutality in such a way that the melodic element isn’t overwhelming but you can definitely hear it especially out of the drums in a lot of areas and the guitars in others. The vocals varied into the genres of both black and death metal which is only to be expected and wanted from a blackened death album of any sort from any band because that’s what’s supposed to happen. And even though there are only 4 tracks off of “Into Oblivion” and they don’t allow the album to reach over 20 minutes in length, but they do more than enough justice with all the albums having the proper amount of death metal and black metal to make any fan of those genre satisfied beyond words. Even though Morthus haven’t made the perfect blackened death album obviously, they’ve definitely made a worthy addition to the genre with this impressive debut album that is worth a check out. I’m very interested to see what they could put together for a full length album because it’d be a spectacle for sure.


LISTEN to “Into Oblivion” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Morthus on Twitter : @Morthus666


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