Mortal Peril – Walking on Hellish Trails

a2102721473_10 You know those special kinds of thrash metal bands that the moment you hear the first songs begin you wouldn’t be surprised if you found yourself immediately part of a mosh pit that formed out of nowhere? That’s what Mortal Peril is. This is a band that has the perfectly exact sound that is made for live performances. Each track off of their latest album “Walking on Hellish Trails” was an amazing track of thrash metal done completely right with the only thing to be thought of from the band is how fast they can play and how badass they can make it sound. The vocals overall were more of a Metallica-ish sound if you want an easy comparison, but other times they became so much more intense (not death metal intense!) where it made the guitars sound so much more faster than what they really were and it just made everything sound so much more badass. And speaking of the guitars, they went at an absolute break neck pace that had the kind of sound that you would run a marathon to and even make you punch someone in the fucking face because of how it’d get your adrenaline pumping so damn quick. The same exact fucking thing goes for the drums that had an excellent beat that was really what drill the speed of the music into your ears with them pounding away all the way to your brain and leaving the best impression possible that you won’t soon forget. “Walking on Hellish Trails” is a thrash piece that is a complete must for anyone who thinks they’re a fan of the genre, and if you are . . . then oh my god are you in for a treat.


LISTEN to “Walking on Hellish Trails” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mortal Peril on Facebook here.


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