Iona Grove – Breathe

a0282631860_10 I’ll be honest. When I normally think of hardcore I just think of punk but the band is more organized and wants to bring a sound. Now sometimes it fails, sometimes it blows you mind. This one blew my mind. “Breathe” from Iona Grove was an excellently done 3-tracks album in the composition of the tracks, the pure sound, and feel of each passing moment. And the one thing that flawlessly put that all together was the fact that this is melodic hardcore which is something that I’ve never seen before if I have to be completely honest. It was such a good change from the normal form of hardcore that I’m more familiar with which doesn’t have much form at all, if you ask me. The vocals are more or less the same as typical hardcore so it’s still screaming and you gotta strain your ears to understand what the dude is saying, unless you’re used to them which I’m not at all so I’ve almost no idea what he’s saying. But the good thing is that with the up-beat guitars and drums backing up the vocals is gave them a more positive connotation and sound than if the guitars and drums weren’t as upbeat. The fact that the cover art is positive enough sort of reinforces that thought as well. The groove that these  tracks have is mind bending and it makes this one of the best records so far simply because it’s so different from everything else I’ve heard and it’s done so fucking well. If you love hardcore or melody that comes in heaps with intense vocals and guitars, then “Breathe” is just the album for you and I promise you that it will not disappoint. Iona Grove already has people talking, and now I have been added to those ranks.


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One thought on “Iona Grove – Breathe

  1. The lyrics are actually incredible on this album. They’re so poetic and emotional it nearly brought me to tears. The vocalist has been through some shit lol

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