Suffer No Fools – Songs for the Restless Youth

18191_475032322674592_4184324309067381145_n It’s normally pretty easy to place a band under a single or pair of genres just based on the style of their performance, but sometimes there comes a rare occurrence where you can’t place a band under any category simply because they cover a broad spectrum of the metal world. And today that band is Suffer No Fools with their new EP “Songs for the Restless Youth”. This album’s style varies so much that it to me sounded like alternative metal, groove metal, hardcore, and a dash of thrash metal in all of the tracks to the point where I just give up and I’m just gonna call it metal to save myself a headache. Even the band itself acknowledges that with saying the album had “the speed and melody of Metallica, the groove of Rammstein, and the crushing edge of Killswitch Engage.” And all of that is true. The vocals were very smooth and flowing which is something that I was not expecting with how heavy the guitars were. I was expecting a little screaming and deep throat growls for the hell of it. The guitars have a great sound to them that absolutely flow and make each track seem much longer than what they seem like they should be. Then the drums have this awesome beat that have a great beat through all 7 tracks of “Songs for the Restless Youth”. This album was really good and is without a doubt the beginning of something great. Suffer No Fools can do something that can blow our fucking minds and help sculpt our playlists and CD collections. Just hasn’t reached the right point yet, but it’s coming.


LISTEN to “Songs for the Restless Youth” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Suffer No Fools on Twitter : @SufferNoFoolsGB


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