Sense of Fall – Fallen Statues

11182299_469996653163648_1920490403274684215_n Melodic death metal has always had a special place in my heart with bands like Amon Amarth completely getting my attention with the melody and brutally that’s incorporated into the genre. And sometimes a change is welcome to shake the mix up just a little bit to make it more fresh and not the same recycled sound that’s been used a million times. In the case of Sense of Fall’s new album, “Fallen Statues”, that change is a set of female vocals. Yes, yes I know! “Arch Enemy is female fronted too, dumbass.” Well just fucking bare with me here! A female fronted melodic death metal band isn’t something you see every other day is my point. They’re different. They’re not as common. They bring a welcome mix up of the elements of the genre and thensome. “Fallen Statues” has a great line up of 5 tracks that show versatility in all tracks albeit I think the first track lacked the sheen and sparkle that all others had, but I digress. The guitars in “Fallen Statues” isn’t what I would call particularly brutal, but they do have a very nice sound and melody throughout the entire EP along with the steady, intense beat of the drums. While I can’t say that Sense of Fall really blew my mind with “Fallen Statues”, it’s definitely something that a lot of other people can enjoy because this is just the shit for them. A combo of smooth vocals, intense vocals, hard guitars, and smashing drums; Sense of Fall is just what some people are looking for if they want to shake up their daily dose of melodic death metal for sure.


LISTEN to “Fallen Statues” on Spotify here.

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