Alustrium – A Tunnel to Eden

PromoImage (44) Normally whenever you see the term “progressive death metal” it’s just a cover name for some band trying to disguise the fact that they’re deathcore in reality. But in the case of “A Tunnel of Eden” from Alustrium, progressive death metal is the most perfect way to define this album in its entirety without leaving out one single note, chorus, or beat. All 11 tracks off of the album bring a distinct sound that are truly progressive in their composition while still holding that death metal feel with the intensity of the vocals breaking through and making an amazing combination with the guitars and drums that are what bring about the progressiveness. Sometimes there won’t be any vocals at all as is the case into two tracks where the guitars and drums are the sole focus of the tracks (there’s more than that but that’s besides the point), and that allows you to really see what the band members mean when they say that “A Tunnel to Eden” is “the audible manifestation of our dreams and passion for the music we love”. Very well put and very, very true in all of the instrumental tracks and the whole album. “A Tunnel to Eden” is the most progressive that I’ve ever heard come from a death metal band that dared to think outside of the box and make an album out of that. Fans of the genre, fans of death metal, and fans of metal with variety in its tracks will love ever song from Alustrium and will make an impact in the genre’s confines when it comes out July 24th.


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