Open Access – Over a Mountain Peak

a3869456875_10 I’ve definitely heard of combining folk metal with power metal and working out very, very well with bands like Elvenking being one of few that pop into my mind instantly. But with bands like that finding such success in that type of music then there are always other bands that wish to do the same with a genre and become something more. That’s exactly what “Over a Mountain Peak” by Polish power/folk metal band Open Access is doing with a sound that I can’t say is 100% unique to my ears, but the raw quality of it overall was really nice with every single element of the album earning my thumbs up in extreme approval. The rhythmic guitars and melodic beat of the drums brought the power metal in all of its glory, and then the flutes and violin bring that mythological feel of folk metal into the mix for a high fantasy experience. But one thing stuck out to me that I’d never heard in any power/folk album: the vocals. I say the vocals because they were sung by a woman, which I’m not unaccustomed to hearing a female vocalist. What I’m unaccustomed to is hearing them in a power/folk album. The vocals for “Over a Mountain Peak” brought new ground for me because I’ve seen movies like (for lack of better example) Lord of the Rings and I hear the soothing vocals and I imagined what they’d sound like in a band when done right. Well these vocals weren’t as soothing but they brought a whole new dynamic to each song and brought a totally new sound than if they were sung by a guy which is obvious. It just sounded really different to me and it worked so well that I just couldn’t believe it. Open Access have really hit the mark with “Over a Mountain Peak” and I’ve no doubt that if they really tried they could really make something fantastic that’d make a lot of people shit their pants.


LISTEN to “Over a Mountain Peak” on Bandcamp here or stream it via YouTube below.

LIKE Open Access on Facebook here.


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