Carnival of Flesh – Stories From a Fallen World

a2317601787_10 Some combinations are just never thought of, like mixing symphonic metal with black metal and just seeing what will happen. And what happened in this case was Carnival of Flesh’s debut album “Stories From a Fallen World”. This piece brings the black metal with elements of symphonic metal in such a way that it made for this really interesting combination simply because I’ve never heard anything like it before and it made me excited to know that it’s possible to create this kind of hybrid metal genre and pull it off really well at the same time. Bringing in out of the box instruments for this album like keyboards and even a violin (at least that’s what I think it was), “Stories From a Fallen World” has an excellent and unique sound to it that persists through all six tracks while having a really neat, out of this world feel to them with the different instruments bringing their own independent elements into the mix to create something truly different. The vocals also do an awesome job at shifting the entire feel of a track to something totally different that goes from awesomely intense to a more smooth and composed style that went really well when those symphonic metal parts came into play. “Stories From a Fallen World” is a fresh and unique experience that should be heard by anyone who loves just about any type of metal and is not afraid to venture into those odd hybrid genres like this one. An unlikely sounding album at first, Carnival of Flesh have shown with this debut that they have the capability to become the master purveyors of a completely new genre that very few people have heard of: symphonic black metal.


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